Condominium FAQ

Q: I need a set of the Master Deed and Bylaws for our community.  How do I get a copy?

A: You should have received a set of the organizational documents for your community at the closing when you purchased your unit under the process of due diligence.  If you find that you are still in need of a copy of these documents, please contact our office and ask to speak with the Bookkeeper for your community.

Q: I need maintenance service.  How can I place a work order request?

A: You should first check that you have an account for your community’s website to place the work order online.  If you don’t have an account, please contact your Property Manager.  If you have an account, please log into your account on your community’s website and place the work order.  You may also email your Property Manager if you prefer.

Q: What are the items that the Condominium Association is responsible for maintaining and what items am I responsible for maintaining?

A: Each community that we manage will defer and all of this is dependent upon the community’s Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.  Please contact your Property Manager if you are a current resident or Resale Agent if you are looking at buying a condo from one of our clients.

Q: I am selling my unit. What information do I need to provide to your office?

A: Prior to closing, verify that your title company has contacted our office to request a status letter.  The status letter serves as confirmation of your paid dues and additional assessments, if any, and includes other disclosures essential to your closing.  You will be able to confirm this information with your community bookkeeper.  At this time, you should also give the new co-owner information to the bookkeeper.  After you close, confirm that the title company has forwarded a copy of the warranty deed to our office.  The warranty deed is the office legal document that we use to update/change the owner information in our records.