About Us

Mission Statement

Our commitment to providing personalized service with a long-range plan developed for each property ensures continuous growth and effectiveness. We recognize that each property, while perhaps similar in physical appearance, differs in many aspects of operational management.  Extensive on site inspections and thorough review of the properties financial records provide Marcus Management with the structure needed for, but not limited to, the following issues:

  • Management Systems and Documentation
  • Financial Management and Investments
  • Accounting Efficiency and Reporting
  • Reserve Analysis and Long Term Planning
  • Committee Development and Support
  • Capital Improvements
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Organizational Hierarchy

This plan allows board members to fully understand the operational, financial and physical condition of the property and allows for a positive impact on future plans for improvements. These key elements allow Marcus Management to work as a team with the Board of Directors. In turn, the Board Members are able to provide residents with the assurance that their best interests are being addressed in an efficient and professional manner. This positive flow of information allows us to be very responsive to the needs of your property. We pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in the well being and continued operational improvement of the properties that we manage and we will look forward to the opportunity of extending to your community the services that you expect and deserve.

History of Marcus Management

Established in 1971, Marcus Management, Inc. is a family owned and operated company specializing in property management of housing communities: Townhouse Cooperatives, Condominiums and Homeowner Associations.

Ralph J. Marcus, serves as President and CEO of Marcus Management.  He and his staff provide full service Property Management and Consulting Services to the Affordable Housing and Common Interest Realty Association industries since 1980. Ralph has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University’s College of Business. His experience and contribution to housing management includes being the Managing Agent for fifteen (15) Cooperative Housing Communities, the Consultant for one additional Cooperative Housing Community and Managing Agent for eighteen (18) Condominium Communities.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus retired in 1992 and Ralph became responsible for the daily operations of the company. He oversees all property management functions to the firm’s clients. Since 1992 the number of housing units with his oversight and management has successfully doubled. Ralph has been very instrumental in affecting State legislation and has written the regulations that made it possible for Cooperatives to qualify as homeowners under Michigan’s Homestead Act, saving Michigan Cooperatives literally millions of dollars since 1993. He is also a trainer for the annual Cooperative Housing Conferences, consults for the Michigan Federation of 213 Housing Cooperatives and also serves on the Board of Directors of Volunteer of America – Michigan.

Marcus Management has earned the reputation of providing high quality, professional services to its properties by overseeing the details involved in managing the properties on a day to day basis by the principle owners or a senior property manager. This special emphasis on personal contact has afforded the properties in our portfolio to experience the highest degree of success in overall financial and physical management. This qualification allows for maximum operational efficiency and assists the Board of Directors in accomplishing its goals in a highly effective manner.